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Gangs Town – Mafia RPG: The Game

Gangs Town Story (formerly known as Streets of Fire) is an open-world action game. This time, you’re in control of a criminal who’s starting to make his way to the underworld. Your goal is to become the true king of the city. To do so, you have to face a bunch of dangerous obstacles. The control system in Gangs Town Story is really well adapted to touchscreens. The movement stick is located on the left side of the screen and to the right you can find all the action buttons to attack, jump, or interact with elements of the setting.

Gangs Town Story

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The Game

Gangs Town Story is divided into different areas with three different types of missions to do. Missions are divided into those which are easy, medium, and hard. The easy missions will never give you more than a 5/10, the medium missions will be a bit more hard and will have a 10/10 difficulty rating, while the hard missions are reserved for your highest performance and will be able to get you the maximum possible 10/10. Graphics As for the graphics, Gangs Town Story features nice landscapes, mostly featuring buildings made of natural stone or slate and small shrubs and trees. Most of the levels are even pretty big. While it is not as nice as it looks in pictures, the fact that the game’s music can be played at any time, makes it look much better.

The Story

In Gangs Town, the streets are being quarantined by police. On top of that, it’s a day of holidays, which means that it’s the perfect time for criminals to take advantage of the situation. To enter the city, you have to go on the rooftops and then enter buildings via doors. Although there is some anti-police setup in the game, you’re supposed to feel like a robber in this game. The director of Gangs Town, Tomoo Matsunaga, admitted that the premise of the game is based on a true event. In the ’90s, the director was a young boy in the area where the events of the game take place. Features: Realistic, hand-drawn graphic interface. Open-ended environments with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Story mode with 4 game endings. True open-world gameplay. 200+ missions.


An important thing for a popular action game is the fighting system, right? And in this regard, Gangs Town Story is excellent. It allows you to use your limbs as weapons. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find three buttons to attack your enemies: the left button to punch them, the right one to block the attack, and the bottom one to grab their weapons. To beat them, you need to use your full strength. And to win, you need to move fast and focus on precise and accurate attacks. A controversial thing in the fighting system is the tagging system. In this system, you’re not allowed to target the eyes. This way, players can increase their chances to survive by aiming for vital organs and other vital parts.


Gangs Town Story is a game that’s compatible with Android Phones, Tablets, and Android Wear smartwatches. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

What’s New

– Added a new district to capture.
– Speed up loading after death.
– Now the first aid kit and armor are triggered automatically.

Android Requires – 7.0 and up
Current Version – 0.14.0b
Game Mode – Online
Size – 751MB

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