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 Drift Max Review: A Fun, Addicting Game You Can Play Anywhere

If you are bored with racing titles even when the developers prepare the best conditions, try Drift Max World. Not a game that gives you speed, racing with many opponents but it still has its own charm. Specifically, players are improving their driving skills with a series of challenges using hand brakes. Forget about the speed tracks that bored you. Drift Max World is not easy to play without saying that its difficulty is quite high. The publisher has a relatively meticulous design, the player has both an indisputable vehicle and road system. Get acquainted and competently hit again regardless

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Drift Max World Review

Drift Max World – Early Access Developer: Sol Systems LTD Price: $15.99 Intro During my younger days, my grandfather found a passion for racing games. For example, back then, they had some small tracks for cars, motorcycles, trucks, bikes, and even small airplanes. You had to try to complete the track with the fastest time. Not only that, the task was to avoid all the obstacles as well as kill the opponents. However, while in the past these were simple simulations, nowadays the game developers use interactive sound, lights, and clouds that you can play. This is why you can train your brain so you can master these types of games and easily perform a series of combos in order to achieve a steady driving performance.

Drift Max World Features

Driving and Road Systems The main difference between this game and the other games is that there is a hand brake. This does not mean that you have to fight. You can do it with ease. The hand brake is a rare item that is very helpful for any racer. Furthermore, the damage tolerance is not much lower. Vehicle and Operation However, it is important to drive carefully with the use of the road. This feature allows the players to reach any location in the territory without any type of obstacle. If the driver hits a barrier, the car might flip. The wheel and car are always like a wheel from a bicycle. Severe and Increasing Difficulty, First of all, Drift Max World has extreme difficulty settings.

Drift Max World Gameplay

One thing that annoyed me is that the controls are not functional in the beginning. The game is a lot easier than it is advertised and not in the most optimal way. It will be necessary to become familiar with the system to truly enjoy the game. The action starts on the map with various gates, one by one, they are not placed anywhere. That’s why it will be necessary to plan your moves. Nevertheless, you can’t access that aspect as a single move. The game offers different challenges. Each time you meet them, they become harder. You can get easier or worse. The game doesn’t keep track of the same players and thus, you can’t get stuck with no goals in certain races. The surroundings of the events can look on the location of the place but that’s a choice that you can make.

Drift Max World Tips

1. Always drive your car and tires and gear properly. In this game, you are not just driving your car but also turning it left and right. It means that you have to switch on and off your clutch. Generally, you do not need a huge number of gears and shifting but some places might have particular requirements. In fact, the things that you need to check are your tires. Try to use the correct tires if the surface does not offer support for ideal driving performance. They are a great feature in this game because the advantage is that you can always stay on track even when you hit a bump in the road. In fact, to have a vehicle with the right tires you will need to be considerate and not crash. 2. Make sure you understand the road and its features.


Drift Max World may be very different from other racing games such as Injustice 2, Mario Kart 8, or Battlefield 1. This is why those people who love this type of game have no other option than to find what they like and stick with it. And if that doesn’t exist, then Drift Max World may just be it. Advertisement As you can see, the game seems to be very interesting. Moreover, it has everything from multiplayer modes, to a nice selection of cars. So, what do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

What’s New
New Pilots Have Arrived.
Here comes a legendary roster of brand new pilots.
Customize your avatar to your liking. Select from among several different body types and pick the outfit and headgear that best suit your racing style. Become the drift legend you were meant to be.



Game Installation Instructions
Install APK and Enjoy.

Google Play

Android Requires – 4.1 and up

Size – 176MB

Mode – Offline


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