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Grand Truck Simulator 2 Android Game Review

Grand Truck Simulator 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) – the continuation of a series of realistic simulators for managing lightning types of equipment. Unlike numerous analogs in this project, there is, albeit a simple, but still, a plot, a realistic physics engine, changing weather conditions, detailed locations will make the gameplay realistic. A wide range of equipment will allow you to choose the best options for passing intricate locations that combine both natural and man-made obstacles.

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Game Review

I have finally played Grand Truck Simulator 2, and I can truly say I don’t know why I haven’t played it earlier. First of all, it is a big simulation, you don’t merely drive an average truck, it really is a huge truck, more than 20 wheels, big engines, antennae, lights, spare parts, paperwork, and vehicle insurance. It is quite an expensive game. But at the same time, it is a totally different type of truck simulation, one you might easily get bored after an hour of driving because it doesn’t offer the same excitement as the usual games. If you are used to driving games on your mobile, which are just more arcade-oriented, and you are used to driving fast and breaking when you need to, I’d advise you to give Grand Truck Simulator 2 a try because it is realistic and quite thrilling too.


For a long time, it is nearly impossible to call Grand Truck Simulator (or Grand Truck Simulator 2, as the game is now called) “gameplay”, as there is nothing much to play. The main mission is to drive as fast as possible and if you fail to do this, you die (out of fuel, tire, electrical problem, or something else), which is the whole reason for the game.


Playing Grand Truck Simulator 2 on your Android device will have you immersed in the environment, in realism, which deserves the term “metric reality”, with obvious differences from reality. It is about 30 % of reality, and 70 % of “cartoony” graphics. Though cartoon graphics may appeal to some, especially kids, they may lose young people. App Grand Truck Simulator 2 is a full 3D simulator with a large variety of trucks, with a view of one-third of the world map, all the way from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. The view, as the name suggests, is global, and is impossible to get tired of. All the roads on the screen are moving, you will really have to focus on what you are doing. Driving the vehicles is not the only thing you can do.


The controls are just as I have seen in many other similar simulator games on mobile devices, so I will not cover that in detail. What I will mention are just a few “gimmicks” that have been implemented in different forms and are worth mentioning: Scroll to Rotation – more precise when compared with any other simulators. Scroll to Location – the point of reference of the player is the player’s control column, as opposed to other simulator games that prefer a top-down view. So if you want to move on a horizontal axis, you have to drag your finger left or right. Inventory – based on a bar, that you fill up by driving, constructing, and dropping the equipment in it, it indicates the amount of the real equipment you will be able to handle in a specific location.


Good. If the developer is reading this, a mobile version would be a good addition, if not, as it’s the current version, the only problem seems to be that the graphics are not in full HD, in some instances even in ‘HD’ mode. Would I recommend it? Oh yeah. While not as far as quality simulators with proper physics, it has quite a reasonable price tag for the length of the game. On the negative side, there is not much that it has going for it, other than the fact that I still can’t find the helicopter and they have not done much yet to improve the UI (a rather long list of bugs that have been reported). As it’s a very casual simulation, it is a great alternative to those, who just want to experience trucks going around, like everyone else.

What’s New
– Skin and system for Trailers.
– New tire temp System.
– Ne Premium Currency.
– New Electronic speed Limiters remmovalbles with peremium currency.
– GPS Fixes.
– Emergency and directional lights button was added.
– Engine brake button was added.
– Transparent Pause button.
– Consumption Parameters were adjusted.


Android Requires – 4.4 and up
Current Version 1.0.29N13
Size – 140mb
Mode – Offline

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